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Maddox fully accepts its obligations to operate in accordance with the requirements of all current legislation and codes of practice relating to health & safety.

Compliance with legislation is regarded as the minimum requirement. Maddox Health and Safety Policy confirms its commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in Health and safety management and performance; achieving the highest practicable standards of health and safety on all projects with which it is associated and to providing working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees and those under the company’s control.The effectiveness of Maddox Health and Safety Policy relies heavily on the competency and co-operation of company employees. The policy is communicated to all persons working under the control of Maddox with the intent that they are made aware of their individual occupational health and safety obligations. Every employee is reminded that he has a moral and legal responsibility not to endanger himself or others by his acts or omissions whilst at work, or in the provision of any work equipment which may be accessible to others.The requirements of the Health & Safety policy are communicated to all the employees and their involvement in the management of health and safety is actively promoted through effective and regular consultation.The company has an excellent record for Health and Safety at its places of work. It recognizes that this is achieved through the active participation, of both management and those employed by the company, in identifying hazards and risks and then taking positive action to control them. Directors or Managers may be named in individual documents e.g. Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans.Maddox Health and Safety Policy are documented, implemented and maintained and provides the framework for setting and reviewing the Occupational Health and Safety objectives, the policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate or sooner should measures need to be taken to ensure its effectiveness.

This policy is available to all interested parties upon request.